How to promote your fitness club: effective methods

May 31 2023

Do you use traditional methods to attract clients, such as street advertising or word-of-mouth referrals? Today they are just a part of the marketing tools needed to promote a fitness club. To capture the interest of potential clients, you need to utilize all available communication channels. Methods like online training on various platforms, mobile applications, and expert blogs on Instagram are modern trends which are definitely in demand. We will share various ways to attract clients to your fitness club and make them loyal in this article.

How to promote your fitness club: effective methods

There are several popular ways to promote a sports business that will help to attract new clients and build loyalty among your existing audience. Let’s consider the main ones:


SEO marketing is one of the most effective methods on the list. Optimizing your website for search queries allows you to attract a target audience that is searching for similar services online.You can achieve free organic rankings on Google by using well-selected keywords and texts on your website.

Landing Page

A website serves as the business’s calling card. Proper website design increases the trust of potential clients and helps you to stand out from the competition. The landing page should be user-friendly with fast loading times and with pleasant, simple design.

Contextual Advertising

This promotion method allows you to attract your target audience to your website and increase its traffic very quickly. It’s an ideal option for those who want to quickly drive new traffic to their site, such as before the club’s opening or during membership discounts.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to capture the attention of potential visitors and increase the loyalty of your current audience. You can gather important information about your target audience and personalize your advertising with the help of Facebook.

Email Campaigns and Push Notifications

They help to retain your current customer base and attract new ones. You can inform subscribers about new promotions and offers, as well as drive traffic to your website with email campaigns and push notifications.

In addition to the above-mentioned marketing methods, it’s worth considering personalized online training and online events. They can be effective in attracting new visitors.

Attracting Potential Clients

1. Awareness

The main task of finding and attracting new clients for your club is to make a loud statement within your target audience. This can be aided by a media campaign using Google Ads, with the help of which, you will be able to launch multiple advertisements and gather an audience already familiar with your brand. Targeted advertising on social platforms can also be used to achieve maximum reach within your target audience.

2. Transition to Customers

Selling after generating interest is the next step in a proper club strategy. Placing ads on the Google search network will increase the traffic of your website, and grouping ads based on queries will allow for more effective campaign configuration. Once the campaign is completed, you can create audience lists based on CRM data and geolocation.

3. Geo-targeting

Most clients are not willing to travel long distances to a fitness club, so to achieve maximum reach within your target audience, it’s important to utilize geo-targeting. In this case, you can use geo-settings (ranging from 100m to 3km) and pinpoint popular locations (nearby shopping centers, adjacent residential areas, competitors’ fitness clubs in close proximity) for more effective campaign configuration.

4. CRM Data Management

It’s important to consider their individual needs and preferences to retain clients. To achieve this, you can import contact information from your CRM database and divide it into two groups: those who haven’t made a purchase yet and those who have already taken advantage of your offer. It’s crucial to maintain communication with the first group to address any potential issues and make attractive offers regarding additional services for the second group.

5. Adapting Advertisements for All Devices

The majority of internet users access it through mobile devices. Therefore, when developing an advertising campaign, it’s important to ensure that the advertisement is displayed correctly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. It’s also essential to make sure that the creative elements of the ad are adapted for mobile devices to avoid losing traffic and budget.

6. Keywords

To have a successful advertising campaign, it’s important to consider the keywords that your competitors are targeting. Launch a branded campaign using your club’s name to attract potential clients and prevent your competitors from taking them away. Additionally, it’s worth organizing your ads into groups based on queries, such as general queries without mentioning the club’s brand, branded queries, and remarketing queries.

Promoting a Fitness Club, Budgeting

The allocation of a budget for promoting a fitness club depends on its unique features and goals. To attract the maximum number of potential clients, it’s advisable to utilize various marketing approaches and, ideally, implement them as a comprehensive strategy. This will help establish a strong connection with the target audience and understand their primary needs.

Promotion through Website

Creating a landing page is one of the most effective ways to promote specialized services offered by fitness projects like stretching studios or pole dance studios. A landing page is a dedicated webpage designed to collect contact information from interested individuals regarding your service. To create a landing page, you can use quick website builders based on templates like Tilda. However, if you plan to develop your business further, it’s recommended to consult developers to create a full-fledged website.

Design is an important aspect of website development. For a landing page, it’s necessary to choose a calm and unobtrusive color scheme, so that accent colors can be used only for action buttons. This will make them noticeable and attractive. Additionally, place all the important information on the first screen so that clients can quickly access it.

Promotion through SMM

Sports clubs can significantly increase their audience and engage clients by utilizing social media. Here are a few useful recommendations for promoting your business through SMM:

1. Organize an online or offline CrossFit marathon on your Facebook page. This can be a great way to attract new clients and boost page activity among existing ones.

2. Use live co-created content with your clients, tag them in your stories, and even better, showcase their “before and after” results on your Instagram page. This can be an excellent tool for attracting new clients.

Apply a personalized approach to each group within your target audience. For example, for young moms, organize an expert-led online course or offer a suitable outdoor workout program for them and their children.

Utilizing contextual advertising


It’s important to connect Google Analytics to work with the obtained statistics before launching an advertising campaign. If you’re just starting to promote your sports club, you can acquire cost-effective leads through Google Display Network (GDN). However, this method of audience attraction doesn’t guarantee their interest in the club’s services. We also recommend using remarketing to generate interest and increase audience engagement.

Retaining customers: 3 strategies

1️⃣ Implementing a CRM system

Attracting new clients is only half of the battle. It’s crucial to retain your audience to generate interest and increase audience engagement. The LuckyFit automation program, with its detailed reports, can help understand which services and memberships are in high demand, while automatic tasks for employees facilitate quick communication with your clients.

2️⃣ Utilizing push notifications

You can launch notifications about current promotions and discounts, or remind clients about the expiration of their membership through a mobile application.

3️⃣Creating Special Offers

It’s easy to configure various discount schemes based on client segments and specific memberships with LuckyFit CRM. Take control of marketing management to increase customer loyalty!

We have discussed several popular methods of promoting a sports business and highlighted the benefits of using the automated system LuckyFit in this publication. Leave an inquiry, and our competent managers will contact you to provide a free consultation on the LuckyFit CRM system for club management, as well as some methods to promote your sports business.

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